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Drain Cleaning & Repairs


Smith & Sons Plumbing can unclog any drain clog in your sink, tub or shower, including your garbage disposal. The oils, grease, hair and food that can build up in your pipes will eventually harden over time and be more difficult to remove. Professional drain cleaning services remove these pesky clogs safely and effectively. As opposed to chemical drain cleaners that can eventually corrode your pipes over time, professional drain services will bring longevity to your pipes. We often recommend that homeowners get their drains cleaned at least once per year to keep everything running smoothly.

We perform a FREE CAMERA INSPECTION  on all of our drain calls (through an accessible clean-out)!

Gas Line Services


Gas appliances are efficient, reliable, a cleaner fuel source and cost-effective. Though gas has all these great benefits, it also requires discernment to use. Natural gas is both highly flammable and extremely explosive under pressure. It can also cause asphyxiation if you are exposed to it for too long. It is under strict laws and regulation by local and state service providers and those that work on gas units need to be well trained and licensed by the state to do so. Fortunately, our gas plumbers at Smith & Sons are fully qualified to tackle all your gas line issues. We are also licensed and bonded in San Antonio.

Plumbing Services


Diagnosing a problem in your sewer line can be tricky, for the most part contractors are left doing a lot of exclusion diagnosis based on the symptoms you are experiencing with your sewer lines. At Smith & Sons Plumbing Services we want to remove the guesswork and provide you with solid sewer line diagnosis to ensure an efficient and cost-effective repair.

As technology advances, we are able to use better methods to discover and repair issues with the plumbing in your home. One of the most valuable advancements are video inspections. With these cameras we are able to look in your pipes and see exactly what’s going on.

Commercial Plumbing


At Smith & Sons Plumbing Services, we focus on your plumbing at business in San Antonio and surrounding areas so you can focus on your customers.

Our experienced plumbers are experts in installing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing plumbing equipment for office complexes, restaurants, shopping centers and much more!

We understand your San Antonio business relies on an uninterrupted and productive plumbing system, and that is why we offer reliable, efficient, responsive services with 24-hour emergency service.